The Different Jeu Roulette Gratuit Bets

Roulette can be either a thrilling or dizzying game to play. There are many different wagers that can be placed on the table, as there are many factors to consider. The wheel has even and odd numbers that alternate in red and black pockets. The 36 numbers are laid out on the table in 3 columns of 12. The wheel also has 0 and 00 green compartments. All of these bring up a lot of possibilities for where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning in Jeu Roulette Gratuit.
Highest Paying Bets
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There are clearly wagers that have a lower chance of winning than others, and these payout the most. The bet with the highest payout in Jeu Roulette Gratuit is called the Straight Bet. This wager means the player bets that the ball will land on a specific number for a 35:1 payout rate. The next best payout rate of 17:1 comes with the Split Bet. This means the player wagers on two adjacent numbers. The Street Bet has the third highest payout rate, at 11:1. This is when a player bets on three numbers in a horizontal line.
Lowest Paying Bets
Since there are harder wagers to win, there are also easier bets to win in Jeu Roulette Gratuit, and these obviously payout the least. The lowest paying is the Even Bet, at just 1:1. This wager sees the player bet that the ball will fall on an even or odd number, black or red pocket, or on a low or high range of numbers. The next to lowest payout is 2:1 for the Dozen Bet and Column Bet. These are very similar, but the Dozen Bet is a wager on a set of 12 numbers from one of three groups: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. The Column Bet is a bet on one of the three columns on the table. A Line Bet pays out at 5:1 and means a player wagers on six numbers in two adjacent rows.
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