Pai Gow Rules

Pai Gow is a poker game that is highly considered to be more of a casino game. It is a Chinese domino game that uses an average deck of cards whereby the joker is left to complete a flush during the game. The objective of this game is to always beat the dealer. It can also be played as an online game for players get the chance to play against a live dealer. You can find out at that many UK online casinos offer you a chance to try out free Pai Gow poker. It is a good way to learn this game, without risking real cash.

To play Pai Gow poker one is required to put up a stake. After that the dealer deals seven cards to players that they divide into two hands, high and low hand. You must have five cards on your high hand and two cards on your low hand. Ensure that your high hand has more value than your low hand in order to reduce the risk of disqualification. Incase you and the dealer have the same pair value, he/she wins the game but if your pair is higher than the dealer's, you win.

During the game the dealer shows off his hands and the same goes to the players. The win of the game is determined when the player or the dealer wins, and incase both of you win the player is refunded back his/her money. It is not normal for the dealer and player's hand to be identical specifically the high hand but for the low hand it is possible.

Pai Gow Poker can also be found as a table game in land based casinos just as roulette and black jack. This game is interesting, fun and exciting and the greatest thing about it is that it is not a game of luck compared to other casino games. Pai Gow Poker enables the player to be more active and participative in the game for it is a hands-on game.

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